Wear The Shirt

Wear The Shirt 2014
This is the fourth year of this competition and the committee has decided that there will be a change in the way the winner is determined and at the same time a system of achievement badges will be introduced.
The idea is to give everyone in the club an equal chance to win a trophy at the end of the year regardless of age, or ability. It will however require a great deal of dedication as the winners will be  simply be the members who have completed the most mileage during the year entered as a Newquay Road Runner. There will be both a male and a female award.
The events qualifying can be any distance – from 5k to Marathon and beyond – and will include Road and Multi-terrain races together with Aquathlons, Duathlons, Triathlons and Quadrathlons. In fact any serious competitive event qualifies, wherever the event is held! We will include, of course, events where the member has been selected to represent the County/Country, as there is no better advertisement for our club than to be represented at this level.
There are a couple of points however which are important to make:
1. Whilst all the local events will be automatically included, we cannot trawl though all the results if competing out of the county/country. It will be necessary to let us know about any result if you compete elsewhere. There is a point that if you compete for the club in any event then the club should know about it anyway.
2.  If you have any queries regarding  figures on the listings I will be happy to list the events we have included in your figures so that you can check them.
3.  First claim members competing in events on our behalf under the agreement with Newquay Triathletes and Newquay & Par AC will count.
We want as many appearances by club members as possible  in order to give us as higher profile as we can achieve, both within Cornwall and in foreign territory across the Tamar during the year ahead.
4.  The details of the distance badge award competition will be published as soon as possible
Results so far for 2014 here
2013       Winner: Ray Frith      38 appearences
Total for all club members :  1323    Results 2013
2012      Winner: Peter Allen     37 appearances
Total for all club members:  1282
2011      Winner:  Geoff Harris   32 appearances
Total for all club members:   1122