Newquay Triathletes

Newquay Triathletes is an affiliation between Newquay Roadrunners and Newquay Velo, to encourage participation in local and national triathlon events.

Whether you are a serious triathlete or do it for fun, there is a lot the group can offer and with good opportunities to take part in group training sessions as well as representing the group in event.

2017 Report will appear here at the end of the season.


June 2016 – Newquay Triathletes take on the Cotswolds 113 event the 70.3 distance Triathlon – Race report HERE

May 2016 – Please see our Race reports for Barcelona 70.3, Roadford Olympic distance and Wadebridge sprint Distance by Glyn Talling  – HERE


To start off the 2015 season Penzance triathlon was first on the calendar on April 5th hosted by Mounts Bay Harriers. The event took place at Penzance leisure centre which consisted of a 400 metre swim / 15.5 mile bike / 4 mile run. Four Newquay Triathletes took part, as well as GB Paratriathlete Melissa Reid and her guide Melissa King.

5th – Jonny Colaco – 01:19:48

52 – Glyn Talling – 01:43:12

59 – Collette Clements – 01:45:34

87 – Maggie Mann – 01:57:41

Please take a look at the full results and mounts bay harriers race report HERE

Wadebridge Triathlon is next on the agenda, part of the Cornish Triathlon Series.


In 2014 the Newquay Tri gang organised a trip to Mallorca in May to take part in the Half Ironman 70.3 triathlon.

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Summary of a great 2013 season for Newquay

Cornish Triathlon Series 2013 – What a Cracker of a Season..!

Well, what can I say, the Cornish Triathlon Series was an absolute blast this year!  Starting in early May at Liskeard and culminating in Wadebridge mid-October, both were sprint distances and great races.  In between these events, through what was to prove to be a pretty good summer, we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to race in five Olympic distances and a further 3 sprint events.

Despite the forced cancellation of the first open-water discipline, at Marazion in late May (where the sea temperature was too cold!) five open-water swim elements were included in this season’s events.  Three of them in the sea off Falmouth, Newquay & Perranporth and two lake swims at Stithians & Siblyback.  The other events made use of the local swimming pools, which generally proved a little less challenging than the open-water swims.  Competitors were extended a very warm welcome at each & every one of the Tempus Leisure facilities located at Liskeard, Helston, Bodmin & Wadebridge.

The cycling element is always an interesting part of the races; especially in Cornwall where there always seems to be a hill around every corner!  Factor in the often twisty, damp & narrow Cornish lanes and you’re in for an adrenalin-fuelled treat every time you saddle-up.   That said, at each and every pre-race safety briefing, obeying the rules of the road and riding within your capabilities were hammered home – it’s always better to arrive at T2 in one piece, even if a few seconds later than you’d like!

The final discipline is of course the beloved run – just a gentle jog off the bike and you’re home?  Afraid not!  There’s no time to dilly dally, you’re off the bike straight into your running shoes and hot on the heels of the guy in front, trying to catch your breath and wondering who stole your legs?!  Again the hills proved interesting in a number of the events, especially Bodmin which threw a long steep one at you as soon as you exited the run transition.  That said, Helston & Siblyback were a little more leg-friendly offering pretty flat run courses.

If I was asked to choose which ones were the hardest, fastest and most scenic?  I’d have to go for Perranporth as the hardest, Helston as the fastest and Marazion as the most scenic.  But each event had its own little-something that set it apart and made it a bit special in its own right.  I certainly won’t forget the long drag up the hill from Tolcarne beach to get to the bike transition after the swim at Newquay; everyone’s legs were full of lactic acid even before they’d mounted their bikes!  Every event left you with something to remember it by…

Throughout the whole of the season there have been a number of notable achievements by the Newquay Road Runners contingent, some of these include:

  • No less than 31 Newquay Road Runners took part in at least one event in the series!  Seven of these did 6 or more events which qualified them for an age-group ranking and an end of season trophy.  One of them was even stupid enough to do all 10 of them, that Glyn Talling must be a nutter!
  • Our own Melissa King was a very close second in both her age-group and overall standings – some achievement for your first proper season.  A big well done to the lovely Mel..!
  • Lesley Richardson was also second in her age-category, an awesome achievement considering how bedraggled poor Lesley often looks when she exits the swim.  Beware though, she’s got the bit between her teeth and is working very hard on the swimming, so watch this space next year!
  • Maggie Mann showed us all how to do it this year and took a well-deserved first place in her age-category.  Really good going Maggie, you rock!
  • The men also held up their ends, with the young Callum Roberts getting a brilliant 2nd place in his age-group and in the overall standings.  Always hot on his heels was the infamous ‘Cornish Swede’, the one and only Jonas Gummesson, who gracefully took 3rd place in his age-group, as well as in the overall standings.  I’m sure that Steve Marks, our great ambassador for everything triathlon, would also have figured up there amongst the greats, were it not for his unfortunate injury early on in the season.  Here’s to you Steve and an injury free season next year!  Michael Birchmore also came very close to winning the overall title, but an unfortunate miss-hap at Siblyback meant that he only registered 5 race finishes, which in turn scuppered his chances of taking the title.

The year was well and truly finished off in style at the Awards Presentation Evening held at The Princess Pavilions on a memorable Saturday night early in November.  Attended by competitors that had completed 6 or more of the events over the course of the season, along with their partners, it was a great evening which celebrated the massive success of the Cornish Series.  A delicious meal was followed by formal presentations to all that were there – after all, they were all winners!

I’m sure that all of the 989 competitors that took part in the series would like to join me in giving the dedicated team at Tempus Leisure a very big pat on the back and a massive thank you for organising what has undoubtedly been an absolutely brilliant season.  Thanks guys, let’s do it all again next year..!!!


… to next year

The Cornish Series will no doubt continue to go from strength to strength in 2014, but it would seem that certain people’s appetite for triathlon extends beyond the boundaries of Cornwall and indeed the UK!  A band of merry men & women from Newquay Road Runners have entered the Ironman 70.3 triathlon event to be held in Mallorca in May 2014.  This will involve a 1.2mile sea-swim, followed by a 56mile bike ride, topped off with a half marathon run.  I know we must be mad?!  Either that or head over heels in love with triathlon, wish us luck..!



Glyn Talling

17th Nov 2013