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Newquay Road Runners
Newquay Road Runners
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 New Runners Intro
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 New Runners Intro

Well you've got this far....

The main club night is Wednesday evening and our numbers are growing.   We're delighted that we've got close to 200 members, the current majority is made up of ladies which is the first time this has happened in the club's history.


No matter what your running ability, we'd love to see you.   Not only have we a wide range of running abilities, but the age range is also impressive from 14 years to some in their 70s.


If you're interested in competition or just want to test yourself the Cornwall Glass and Glazing Grand Prix series can offer plenty of variety with distances and terrain to suit anybody. Of course going to a race can be a daunting experience so knowing a few faces when you get there and wearing a club vest is a great way to ensure plenty of 

encouragement to help you on your way. 


Of course racing isn't for everybody and there's nothing wrong with just coming along to keep fit or just go for a run and meet some new folks (and some old ones!). 

What ever your reason or fitness level you will find a welcome at Newquay Road Runners.

Some say that the hardest thing about running is putting your shoes on!

Maybe the hardest thing about joining a running club is turning up on your first night; well hopefully this page will make that process a little easier for you.


Running on your own is a fine way to start, gain a little confidence and start to build up a bit of distance but very soon you may find that you are traveling the same routes, humming the same tunes or possibly having the same conversations!


Running with other people gives a whole new lease of life to your running, you will push yourself that little harder, faster and further, not to mention meeting a whole bunch of folks who all know why you are there.

Am I good enough?

Realistically its nice if you've done a little more than make the odd dash for the bar at last orders but the first thing to know is that you do not have to be some kind of elite runner to join Newquay Road Runners. (Although we won't turn you away either!!)

Sure you will see several of our members at the front of local races, but stick around and you will see a lot more all the way down the field. 

Newquay Road Runners is here for runners of every ability, whether competitively or just socially. You may never have even timed your running (and believe me, I think some of us wish we never had!), but we appreciate that racing, stopwatches and PB’s (Personal Bests!!) aren’t for everyone. Please don’t  think or worry whether or not you are good enough; just turn up one evening and you could be surprised. If you're really not sure just email or phone and we can advise. Whether you cover your miles in 5 minutes 10 minutes or 12 minutes, we shall have someone all ready to run with you on those first sessions with us.

What now.........

If you wish to contact someone prior to turning up, email either our Secretary,

Kevin Burnett at secretary@newquayroadrunners.co.uk        or

Ian Batty at newrunners@newquayroadrunners.co.uk

so that we know you are coming, and can therefore look out for you. We all know how daunting it can be to walk into a room full of strangers and ask if you can join them for a run. There is no obligation for you to join the club on your first few visits, give it a try first and then make up your mind. If you then decide it is for you, then the membership due for the year will be just £20 single or £30 for a family membership.

Remember, Newquay Sports Centre on a Wednesday evening, from 6-15pm onwards, ready to run at 6-45pm. It could be one of the best decisions that you have ever made.

See you there.

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