Course Description


New for 2018, the Trevornick 10k inherits plenty of elements from its forerunner the Trevornick 10 miler, but needless to say there are a lot of changes here too.

We’ve chopped out the most extreme climbs and dropped the Inner Common, Polly Joke and Pentire sections altogether.
What hasn’t changed is the uneven, off-road nature of the course. Watch your footing and avoid the rabbit holes!

The 10k course features the same gallop through Trevornick Holiday Park, but now we send you out towards Cubert Common on a more direct route. The first mile is flat – a mixture of closed road, grass and concrete track – until you hit the Common, where you get your first take of the lumpy terrain and a terrific bit of downhill to the 1 mile mark.

Don’t get too comfortable though – we point you back up that hill right after. As you approach the top of that climb, at about 1.4 miles, you’ll be drawn to the left for 50 metres before a hard right turn lines you up with a marshalled open gate which welcomes you onto the Kelseys. Once through the gate there’s a slight left onto a wide grass track. This terrain is all new for 2018.

After a third of a mile on the track you’ll transition onto a narrower track – and this is the section to be most alert, as it’s where returning fast runners will pass slow outbound runners. THIS SECTION LASTS FOR ABOUT HALF A MILE – STAY RIGHT.

This section brings you out on the coast path, but only for a few moments, as we then turn you back inland, on another wide grass track. By the time you are on this track you’re back into one-way territory. Pass the 2 mile mark, follow the track for about a 1/3 of a mile.

Then we direct you left, across the Kelseys on a seriously bumpy and occasionally stony track. Shortly after 2.5 miles you’ll reach the water station, and after that you’ll enjoy 1/4 mile of fabulously flat and open running. This is where you really need to look up and start taking in the views.

At about 2.8 miles we’ll turn you hard right to follow a low hedgerow – watch your footing – along a narrow grassy path running downhill past the 3 mile marker and towards Polly Joke beach.

Then it’s a hard left onto the coastpath, and the beautiful grind begins. Follow the coastpath to the 4 mile marker, where you’ll be directed uphill and inland for a sharp push back to the water station.

From the water station you’ll be sent back downhill to the coastpath, and this marks the start of the half mile stretch where fast runners will start to encounter the slower ones. REMEMBER, STAY RIGHT ON THE PATH.

Following the marked path, you’ll run back in through the gate and from hereonin you’ll be retracing your steps. That means from the 5 mile point there’s a bumpy downhill, then a hard right turn and an even bumpier climb back up to the concrete track.

Once back inside the grounds of Trevornick Holiday Park you’ll follow the edge of the field, hard left onto a short gravel drive, then it’s a hard right onto tarmac, past the 6 mile mark and a straight shot to the final fast left bend where you’ll be greeted with the finishing field.

If you’ve got a sprint finish left in you, wind it up as you approach that final bend onto the finish field: the finish line is about 30 metres beyond the bend.

** Note: the finish line has been moved up the field by approximately ten metres compared to previous years. **