NRR Events



The club currently organises 3 races that are part of the 15 race Cornwall Glass & Glazing Grand Prix (GP) and also plays a major role in assisting with the Indian Queen’s ½ Marathon.

The races are as follows:

Trevornick 10K – multi terrain

This multi terrain event takes place on the 2nd Sunday in May each year with a start time of 10.30 a.m.

The race attracts around 300 runners each year.   The race would not be possible without the tremendous support the club receives from Trevornick HP local farmers and the National Trust.

Cubert 1 mile run and 5 mile race – road

These races are extremely popular and take place on the first Tuesday in June each year. Both events have the wholehearted support of Cubert Village.  Any surplus money made from the 1 miler goes to Cubert/Holywell Bay Community Projects such as the Christmas Lights, Cubert/Holywell Bay FC, Cubert Village Hall etc. The 1-mile event, which will start at 6.15 p.m. is open to children from the age of 5 years.

The race HQ is at the Cubert Village Hall

The 5-mile road race, which starts at 7.30 p.m. is one of the most popular GP events and has attracted over 700 entries in the past.   For Cornwall, it’s a relatively fast course with only a few minor climbs to overcome.

Newquay 10k

As with the Cubert 5 miler, the Newquay 10k offers runners the opportunity to record a fast time.   The race, which starts at 9.45a.m. is normally on the first Sunday in February each year.  For 2017 it is race number 2 in the 15 event Cornish Grand Prix and often attracts over 700 runners.   The race HQ is at the Newquay Sports Centre.

There’s a hill to overcome just after the 1 mile marker, after the water station at just over 3 miles, the next near to 3 miles offers some fast running as it’s either downhill or on the flat, there’s a bit of a climb just before the 6 mile marker right to the finish at the Sports Centre.


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