Important Info regarding the MTRS Presentation

A message from Ian Ringer
As you know, it proved impossible to carry out the MTRS presentations at the Tywardreath Trotter as planned. There were several reasons for this: The race was late starting and therefore late finishing. There were some difficulties with the results which made the race presentations later than usual (it was 9.00ish by the time these were done). And, of course the weather was atrocious meaning that many people left after the race. All of this made it impracticable to do a lengthy presentation of the MTRS awards, therefor the decision was taken to defer the presentation.
The next opportunity to do this is at the Lanhydrock 10 on September 23rd. This is a Saturday afternoon event so there will be plenty of time to do this.
We realise that many will be disappointed to have to wait, but the circumstances dictated the decision. We will have to look at the viability of doing the presentation at the TT, given that it is an evening event.
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