AGM 2017

The Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 18th October 2017 
at Newquay Sports centre at 8.30pm
Please examine below the various nominations received for committee positions,
so far, including those committee members seeking re-election.
All committee positions are elected and further nominations properly proposed and
seconded for any position may be made up to and including the day of the AGM
Other matters may  be raised in accordance with the terms of the Club Constitution
1.  Chair to open meeting and welcome members
2.  Apologies
3.  Minutes of the previous AGM
    Vote on Acceptance
4.  Chair’s review of the year
    Questions from the floor
5. Treasurer’s report
    Questions from the floor
    Vote on acceptance
5. Proposed Amendment to the Constitution
    The committee has proposed that rule 8 (e) regarding the length of time a candidate for election to the committee has to have been a member of the club, be amended from two
     years to one year
    Vote on acceptance
6.  Election of The President
    Chair and whole committee stand down
    New President to take control of the meeting
7.  Election of Chair
    New Chair to resume control from the President
8.  Election of other officers
    Membership secretary
6.  Election of Committee members
    Men’s captain
    Ladies captain
    Coaching secretary
    IT manager
    Health & safety representative
    Social secretary
    Stock controller
    PR Representative
    County representative
    Triathlon representative
7.  Election of  Honorary life members
8.  Election of Independent Accountant
9.  Any other Business
Members may bring up any matters that they wish. Discussion on these matters will be at the discretion of the Chair and they may not be voted upon.
The following have offered themselves for re-election
    Paul Wright: President
    Des Evans:   Chair
    Colin Martin:  Treasurer
    Jan Sargent: Membership secretary
Committee members
    Steve Rendle: Mens captain
    Kelly Woodfine-Beard: Ladies captain
    Alison Potter: Coaching secretary
    Liane Holt: IT manager
    Wayne Caff: Social secretary
    Jenny Bowden: County representative
    Glyn Talling: Triathlon representative
Nominations for vacant positions
     Nom 1: Glyn Talling
     Nom 1: Nick Savin
    H & S Officer:
    Nom 1: Sally Bowden
    Stock Controller:
    Nom 1: Jane Caff
    PR Representative:
    Nom 1: Becky Miles

Ray Frith

Late convert to running at the age of 60. Joined in 2009 after being dragooned into running the Bath Half. Club Hon Secretary.

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