Club Constitution


The constitution below was adopted/agreed by members on the 18th October 2017 at the Annual General Meeting:


 Newquay Roadrunners Club Constitution



a.         The name of the club will be Newquay Road Runners

b.          The headquarters will be Newquay Sports and Community Centre, Tretherras Road, Newquay, TR7 2SL.

c.          The object of the club is to promote the sport of running in all its forms, for social, recreational and competitive purposes.

d.          The Club will normally meet each Wednesday at the headquarters. The club may also meet at other times and places as determined from time to time.

e.           The Club Colours will be a black or black and white shirt or top, with club logo and white lettering. All members at competitive meetings must wear Club Colours if representing the club.




Membership of the club will normally commence on the receipt of a properly completed application form by the Membership Secretary together with the appropriate subscription. The Club complies fully with all sex, ethnicity, disability and age equality legislation.



a.       Ordinary Membership: Defined as adults aged 18 years or over at the time of receipt of the application and appropriate membership subscription.

b.       Junior Membership: Defined as aged under 18 years of age at the time of application. This class of membership has no voting rights. The club has a minimum age for membership which is determined by the committee from time to time.

c.       Social Membership: Defined as any person who wishes to join the club purely for social reasons and does not wish to involve themselves in the sport of running in any form. This class of membership has no voting rights.

d.       Life Membership: The Committee may make a recommendation that a member may be elected by the membership a life member of the Club at any General Meeting, and shall thereafter be entitled to all the privileges of membership without paying a yearly subscription. This will normally be in recognition of outstanding contributions to the Club’s affairs.

e.       Second-Claim Membership. The club will allow second-claim membership as defined by UK Athletics but will be at the discretion of the committee. This class of membership has no voting rights.



a.       Membership of the club is confined to Amateurs as defined by UK Athletics.

b.       The Club Year will be 1st November to 31st October

c.       A member may resign from the club at any time and will normally be effective from the date of receipt of a written letter or e-mail from the member to The Chair, Secretary or Membership Secretary. Acceptance of resignation will be withheld if the member has any form of indebtedness to the club and will only be accepted upon full discharge of the debt. The club fully complies with the resignation policy as determined by UK Athletics.

d.       The Club will maintain a computerised register of members which will comply fully with all current data protection regulations.

e.       All members are deemed to have accepted the constitution of the club and such further rules or regulations as determined by the committee from time to time when joining the club.




a.       The subscriptions shall be made payable on joining the club, and subsequently, annually, at the Annual General Meeting. The subscription shall be valid for the complete club year. New ordinary members joining during the year will pay three-quarters of the normal fee if joining on or after the 1st February.

b.       The annual subscription for all classes of membership shall be determined by the committee yearly at an appropriate time but no later than one month before the annual general meeting. If no decision is taken then the previous year’s subscriptions will apply.

c.       On resignation no refund of subscription in respect of any unexpired period of membership will normally be made.

d.      Only paid up members, junior members, life members, second-claim members, and members covered by temporary membership can compete for the club.


The management committee will consist of six officers and nine committee members as follows:


  • President
  • Chair
  • Vice-Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Membership Secretary


Committee members will have a primary responsibility as follows, and in addition may have other responsibilities as determined by the committee from time to time.


  • Men’s Captain
  • Ladies Captain
  • Coaching Secretary
  • IT Manager
  • Health & Safety Representative
  • Social Secretary
  • Stock Controller
  • County Representative (GP/MTGPCommittee)
  • PR Representative




a.       The committee shall have the power to co-opt additional members on to the committee, and may form sub-committees at any time during the year should they consider it appropriate. Additional co-opted members will stand down at the next Annual General Meeting. Co-opted members will have no voting rights.


b.        All Management Committee members will offer themselves for re-election at each Annual General Meeting.

c.       The Management Committee shall meet as regularly as necessary to properly conduct the Club’s affairs.  A Quorum shall be a minimum of 6 members.

d.       All decisions will be by consensus of the members present, with the Chair having a casting vote in the event of a tie.

e.       The Officers and committee members are deemed to have delegated authority to act between Management Committee meetings, on matters relevant to their position that cannot be left until the next meeting.

f.        The committee will have the power to ask a member to stand down from the committee if three consecutive meetings are missed without satisfactory explanation.

g.       The club requires and the membership expects that members adhere to the highest standards of behaviour whilst attending or representing the club.  The committee reserves the right to issue written warnings, suspension or dismissal from the club in cases where the club’s name has been brought into disrepute.

h.      If a member has any form of complaint then they should, in the first instance, bring the matter to the attention of the club captains, who will attempt to resolve the issue. If this cannot be done the captains will refer the matter to the committee for further consideration.  The committee’s decision will be final in such matters.


a.       The Annual General Meeting will be held during the month of October.

b.       There must be a quorum of at least 12 eligible members for the meeting to proceed.

c.       The Secretary must give every member 14 days notice of the meeting together with a copy of the Agenda via e-mail and by notice on the Club notice board at the Sports Centre which will be considered sufficient for this purpose.

d.        The following business will be undertaken: -

(i)                    Officers’ reports will be received

(ii)                  The  Independently Inspected Accounts will be received

(iii)                 The President will be elected

(iv)                 The Officers will be elected

(v)                   Other members of the committee will be elected

(vi)                 The Independent Accountant will be elected.

(vii) Any other business will be conducted

Decisions taken at the Annual General Meeting will be by simple majority of the members present.


e.       Members who wish to stand for election may give notice or may be proposed and seconded at the meeting.  Any member wishing to stand for election must comply with the following:


(i)    They must have been a paid up ordinary member for a minimum of one year before the date of the Annual General Meeting

(ii)  They must have a proposer and a seconder who must be fully paid up members or life-members.


f.        Matters for inclusion at the Annual General Meeting.


  • Other matters, which require a vote at the AGM, may be presented to the Secretary by the proposer more than 21 days prior to the AGM so that the item may be circulated in accordance with AGM agenda rules.
  • The proposition must have a seconder.  Both proposer and seconder must be fully paid up ordinary members or life-members.

g.       Any other matters may be discussed at the AGM at the Chair’s discretion, but cannot be voted upon.




(i)                The Secretary must call an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), within 21 days of receipt of a requisition in writing, signed by at least 20% of the total membership or following a decision of the Management Committee.
(ii)              Each member will be notified via e-mail and by notice on the Club notice board at the Sports Centre which will be considered sufficient for this purpose.

(iii)            Only the business set out in the requisition and meeting notice, will be discussed.


(iv)            There must be a quorum of at least of 12 qualifying members present otherwise the proposition will be lost.




(i)                  The Management Committee, by a 2/3 majority at a quorum meeting, or a requisition in writing, signed by at least 20% of the total membership, may propose amendments to the constitution
(ii)              The changes may only be made at an AGM or EGM called for that purpose.
(iii)             If the proposed alteration(s) is agreed by 2/3 of the members present, the amendment(s) to the constitution will be adopted.




(i)                The Management Committee, by a 2/3 majority at a quorum meeting, may decide to dissolve the Club. They must then call an EGM giving 21 days notice in writing, to all club members.
(ii)                     Alternatively, 20% of members may petition the Club Secretary in writing, to call an EGM for the purpose of dissolving the Club.
(iii)                  If the motion is passed by a 2/3 majority at that meeting, the Club is then dissolved.
(iv)                 Upon dissolution, the distribution of any funds remaining after all debts have been met will be decided by the Management Committee at the time, which must be distributed in accordance with the club’s objects which is to promote the sport of running in all its forms, for social, recreational and competitive purposes.